Fun and innovative sessions on STORY WRITING of various genres, in an engaging and appealing manner that’s guaranteed to keep a child’s attention.
A story writing is a work of “fiction or imagination” that is usually written in “easily understandable grammatical structure” with “natural flow of speech”. Story writing is meant to be read at a single sitting and therefore it should be as direct and brief as possible. Sessions involve a range of creative writing and imagination building exercises that focus on providing structured guidelines to enhance confident writing.
Our teacher is certified and has 3 years experience of working with children.
Program Benefits:
Develop creativity in different aspects of life
Self-discipline with regular Journaling Habit
Improves Grammar skills.
Brain storming new ideas or thoughts.
Critical Thinking & Imagination
Develop vocabulary & language skills.
Broader understanding of fictional and nonfictional.
Program Inclusions:
✅ Detailed Understanding of Story elements
✅ Story Genre Types
✅ Writing with Pictorial Prompts
✅ Vocabulary Word of the Day
✅ Structured writing
✅ Story chains
✅Acrostic Poems
✅Comic Strip Script
✅Language Devices
Program Description:
Appropriate for: 6+ upto 10 years
Tenure: 13 weeks
Batch 1: Saturday 4 pm or
Batch 2: Friday 4 pm
Fees: Rs 6500

Class details

  • Others 6-8 Years, 8-10 Years
  • online
  • 5:14 pm to 5:14 pm

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5:14 pm to 5:14 pm
July 1, 2021



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5:14 pm to 5:14 pm
July 1, 2021