Did you know that playing the guitar can boost your concentration and memory! It makes you a pro at multi-tasking as well and skyrockets your confidence.
Learn this new musical skill through a trained guitar teacher who will guide through the basics of the instruments; starting from how to hold the guitar, read tabs and play popular songs. Within 8 classes, you will be able to read the tabs and play the notes on the guitar proficiently.
With comprehensive and personalized private lessons, you will get everything they need to become a true guitar player at any age.
Join now to unleash your optimum potential!
*What all will I be able to learn?*
What are the parts of guitar
What are the different types of guitar
How to read and play guitar tabs
How to read and play guitar chords
How to strum the strings
History of Guitar
How to play popular songs
Workshop Highlights:
– Gain Practical and Theoretical Knowledge about Western Music which is specially designed as per the needs and requirements of each individual.
– Interesting stories about famous classical musicians and their journey towards excellence
– Understanding the importance of patience and perseverance in life through music
– Learning how to play famous songs and pieces with proficiency
– Personalised One to One Sessions with fun activities to build a strong foundation
– Unleashing the hidden creative horizons by allowing the students to explore in the realm of music with proper guidance
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Class details

  • Music 8-10 Years, 10-12 Years
  • Online
  • 2:01 pm to 2:01 pm

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2:01 pm to 2:01 pm
July 1, 2021



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July 1, 2021