Our Mother Toddler Program is here!!

It’s a program specially designed for Moms and the little Ones to learn, explore, achieve various milestones together.

Experience this unique program designed just for you and your baby to stimulate your child’s growing brain and nature your parenting skills.

Cubhubs presents a program for you to discover your little ones world through playtime, art & craft, story telling, sensory play, musical bonding and much more.

This will not only help your little one develop a lot of skills but it will also ensure a lot of quality bonding time for you and baby. It will also help the baby socialize and become interactive.

Saturdays 6 PM
Age group: 10m to 30m.

Prior registration is compulsory. Limited seats


Class details

  • Others 0-2 Years, 2-4 Years
  • Online
  • 8:04 pm to 8:04 pm

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8:04 pm to 8:04 pm
January 1, 2021



8:04 pm to 8:04 pm
January 1, 2021