So we’re under lockdown for 21 days – so lets have some musical fun and create some music together! The focus of this 6 week program is… RHYTHM!

Together we will create a…

– Body Percussion routine (creating beats using your body i.e. stamping, clapping, clicking etc)
– Write a group rap together (we will create a final video online)

Free Trial Friday 27th of March will be done over FB and Instagram live. Here kids can get an idea of what we’ll be doing in sessions.

Sessions will be held Mondays and Thursdays at 3pm starting on the 30th of March. These sessions will be held interactively on Zoom.

300rs per session or 1500rs for the entire program (6 sessions).

By the end of the program we will have…

– Created a body percussion routine as a group
– Learnt the basics of Rap and create one together

Hope you see you there!


Class details

  • Music 8-10 Years, 10-12 Years
  • Online via Zoom
  • 30/03/2019 TO DD-MM-YYYY
  • 1:59 pm to 1:59 pm

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Child’s home

1:59 pm to 1:59 pm
March 31, 2020



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Child’s home

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March 31, 2020