Reading Ladder Program ( Level 1) πŸ“š 🏫

Number of classes

*Batch 1- Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Reading Ladder Program ( Level 1)
Is designed to help the young minds understand how to blend and correlate sounds and make words.

This programe enhances the below mentioned 5 skills –
# Learning sounds
# Letter formation.
# Blending sounds.
# Identifying the sounds in a word.
# Learning how to read Tricky words.

The Phonic sounds will be recapitulated in Jolly Phonics sequence.

The Programe incorporates multiplie actvities and games to enhance their verbal linguistic, creative and visual spatial skill along with music to hone their musical intelligence.

Module Aims at :-

# Recaptitulation of Phonic Sounds
# How to blend the sounds in words for reading
# To identify the words by listening to the sounds for writing
# Using blends to read 3-4-5 letter words
# Letter Formation

Tools used to involve children :

# Storytelling with objects / books/ puppets/ role play 🎎🎭
# Music and Movement
( Jolly Phonic Songs)🎢🎡

Fee to be paid in three installments.

*Rs 5500 month 1
*Rs 5000 month 2
*Rs 4500 month 3

The real effect of the program will only be there after completing the whole program

The classes will be on ZOOM
We completely understand that it is difficult for the child to sit for an hour so the duration will be for 30 to 35 minutes.


Class details

  • Others 4-6 Years
  • Online
  • 3:26 pm to 3:26 pm

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3:26 pm to 3:26 pm
March 1, 2022



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3:26 pm to 3:26 pm
March 1, 2022