Learning a musical instrument is a wonderful process as you learn to create the perfect harmony by blending rhythmic patterns of sound! The keyboard is one such instrument that gives indisputable pleasure and mastering it is considered to be a significant achievement. At Furtados School of Music, we give an open platform to all music lovers to pursue their musical dreams by giving them the opportunity to learn their desired instrument. We provide you with world-class material along with expert instructors who will help you in your musical journey. As the world has come to a halt with the recent pandemic, children have begun to venture towards different creative avenues and what better way to constructively spend your time than learning a musical instrument! We at Furtados School of Music provides you with the right assistance to ease you into the process of learning the keyboard. As students familiarise themselves with the basic concepts of learning they steadily develop a keen sense of interest that encourages their creative abilities. Gaining mastery over the keyboard comes after years of consistent efforts and cannot be limited to a number of days. Thus, before diving into in-depth learning of the keyboard, we provide students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the instrument so that they are able to gain more confidence in taking it up in the longer run. Our beginners’ course will give children a basic outline of the keyboard which will enable children to comprehend simpler ideas such as staff notations, notes on treble clef and bass clef along with the basic applications on the keyboard. As students begin to immerse themselves in the process of learning the keyboard within the comfort of their homes, they are constantly inspired by their mentors which also gives them a sense of accomplishment. Students are also taught the basics of Major and Minor Scales, e.g.- C major Scale and G major Scale, the names of strings; open string along with fretted note lessons. They gradually become more comfortable with the keys as they learn to play simpler tunes like cross buns, happy birthday, twinkle twinkle little stars which vary according to their age. As we aim to bridge the gap between learning and music, we encourage young impressionable minds to fulfil their dreams and fully commit to their passions. By enrolling in the beginners’ keyboard lessons, children will witness the beautiful gift of music which never fails to brighten their lives.

Details of the course:

Weekly Class, Total – 40 Sessions

Our Keyboard lessons for beginners will introduce students to the basics of the keyboard as it eases students into the process of learning;

Students will be taught the fundamentals of learning the keyboard:

  • The layout of the Keyboard
  • Finger numbers
  • Note values till quaver, Whole, Half, and Quarter note rest
  • Treble and Bass clef notes
  • Understanding of 4/4 and 3/4 time signature

They will be introduced to Techniques like:

  • C Pentascale, C major and A minor scales

Along with Sight reading:

  • Middle C to G on Treble clef.
  • F to Middle C on Bass clef.
What Learner Will Learn From This Course

At Furtados School of Music, we aspire to provide students with an enriching learning experience with our online keyboard classes, which will enhance their skills along with adding a creative flair to their craft. Their progress will be documented throughout the course; In the first 10 sessions, students will be introduced to: Basics of the Keyboard with a focus on C petascale. Simple tunes like Twinkle Twinkle and Ode to Joy along with a few pieces from the curriculum. After 20 sessions: Exercises and pieces from the curriculum. Scales: C Major and A Minor. Form an understanding of Rhythm reading and Sightreading along with learning to play the eighth notes. Advanced songs along with an external repertoire of a similar level. After 40 sessions they will form a comprehensive understanding of Scales: E minor pentatonic, G Major, and E minor.


Students will need to have their own keyboard.


Students will ease themselves in the process of learning the keyboard and familiarize themselves with the basics of the instrument. They will creatively engage in the process of keyboard training in a relaxed ambience and creatively benefit from the course. It will provide them with the opportunity to refine their keyboard skills and enjoy the process of learning at a broader level. It will enhance their passion and creativity by giving an edge to their performance as they continue to play the keyboard with grace and precision. Their understanding of the instrument will begin to reflect in the performances as they begin to establish their own individual style.


Class details

  • Music 4-6 Years, 6-8 Years, 8-10 Years, 10-12 Years
  • Online
  • 11:33 pm to 11:33 pm

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11:33 pm to 11:33 pm
August 1, 2021



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11:33 pm to 11:33 pm
August 1, 2021