Mon, 18th April at 4pm: Hear about Dora’s school adventures and make your own fun scene from school!

Teacher: Add Ed

Materials: Crayons / sketch pens / paint

Tues, 19th April at 4pm: Help Dora find the buried treasure at the Mystical Treasure Island! 

Participate in the Treasure Hunt – Make your own DIY Binoculars, play Memory Game, also groove on your favourite tune!

Teacher: Lil Dew Drops (Neha)

Materials: 2 empty tissue rolls, ribbon, tape, decorative supplies, glue, scissors, 2 blank papers.

Wed, 20th April at 4pm: Rainbow Boots from Dora the Explorer drawing and painting (Inspired by the art of artist Jen Stark)

Teacher: Creative Drawing for Kids (Tasneem)

Materials: Rainbow colours gel crayons (oil pastels or crayons will also work); Black and white paint poster paint; Flat medium paintbrush; Black marker


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  • Others 4-6 Years, 6-8 Years, 8-10 Years
  • Online (zoom)
  • 9:26 pm to 9:26 pm

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9:26 pm to 9:26 pm
April 20, 2022



9:26 pm to 9:26 pm
April 20, 2022