A perfect course for kids who are eager to learn French, a beautiful, rich, and melodious language. Age-appropriate sessions with lots of Interactive games, Fun Facts, Quizzes, and Vocabulary enhancing activities; that make the sessions not only fun but also Educational.
Workshop Highlights:
• Improved Reading
• Vocabulary words introduction
• Improve public speaking skills of a foreign language
• Increase confidence with spoken and written French
• Lots of Quizzes and games to make learning fun
Ages: 7+ Years

Mondays – Friday: 4-5 pm


Mondays – Friday: 5-6 pm

Topics Covered:
Monday: French Alphabets
Tuesday: Numbers in French
Wednesday: Days of the Week  in French
Thursday: Greetings  in French
Friday: Introducing Yourself  in French

Each session is prepared in a way that it is independent of the other classes, so the students can join in between.
The topics will be repeated after the previous batch is over.

Class details

  • Others 6-8 Years, 8-10 Years, 10-12 Years
  • Online
  • 10:43 am to 10:43 am

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10:43 am to 10:43 am
November 1, 2020



10:43 am to 10:43 am
November 1, 2020