Ages 5.5 – 8 years

4-5pm Monday – Friday

8-10 kids only!

Mondays – Art and craft sessions

The classes will be fun workshops introducing kids to doodling, origami, comic art and more! Fun sessions designed to spark their interests in a variety of art forms.

Tuesdays – General Knowledge 

Each class will focus on a concept in-depth such as Planet Earth and more! The topic will be covered in a variety of interactive activities and games

Wednesdays – Dance fitness and yoga

A fit mind needs a fit body! Fun dance fitness and exercises in the fitness sessions and also yoga for developing flexibility and a sense of calm in the kids.

Thursdays – Games

Fun games to boost vocabulary such as pictionary, guess the word and more!

Fridays – Public speaking

Effective communication is a critical skill and these sessions will include introduction to techniques of storytelling, dramatisation, debate and more to develop an articulate public speaker.


Class details

  • Others 4-6 Years, 6-8 Years
  • Online
  • 9:13 pm to 9:13 pm

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  • May 24th week 5 remaining
  • Per Session 5 remaining
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9:13 pm to 9:13 pm
June 1, 2021



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9:13 pm to 9:13 pm
June 1, 2021