CubHubs Vision For Educators

CubHubs is a localized platform where parents can discover and book kid’s activity classes. We focus on classes / events / workshops in Mumbai for kids aged 0-12 years.

I’d also like to introduce myself – I’m Mrinalini Goyal and have an almost 3-year-old daughter. My work experience has been both at startups and in finance. I graduated with an MBA from the Wharton School where I studied entrepreneurship.

Why did I start CubHubs? I faced a problem when finding classes for my daughter – I couldn’t find all available options easily (lots of messages on mom groups and facebook) and payment was a hassle (sending cash beforehand, online transfers etc.). This was the genesis of the idea for creating a single platform that aggregates all available classes, offers filters to narrow them down followed by easy booking and payment.

Please see the adjacent video that further explains my vision.

How do you benefit?
– Marketing
– Booking and payment convenience for your customer
– Fewer cancellations if payments are done beforehand
– A way to manage all the admin for your class through one portal (next step after this!)




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