Hi Moms!

I’m Mrinalini Goyal, the founder of CubHubs. I live in Mumbai and have a 3-year old daughter Shivanya who is growing up all too fast!

CubHubs is a localized platform where parents can discover and book activity classes for kids. We provide a comprehensive listing of all after-school activities available for your child in your local area.

I came up with this platform out of my experiences as a mom. When trying to find the best activity classes for my daughter, I found the process very disorganized. Lots of messages on mommy whatsapp and facebook groups. Phone calls to the teachers to get all the information. Throw in the added hassles of bank transfers or physical cash payments in advance. Why couldn’t it be as simple as booking a movie ticket online?

That was the genesis of CubHubs. We’re now a 2,000+ strong community of moms all across Mumbai and growing rapidly! We’re grateful to have received lots of appreciation both from the educators and the moms about how our portal will make your lives easier.

I’d love to hear from all of you moms! If you have any questions, feedback or if you’re excited about the idea and want to join our team – please do reach out.




Discover a world of possibilities for your child in your neighborhood


Register and pay for the classes instantly


Enjoy the excitement your child brings back home!



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